Do You Remember ‘Secrets Of The Cryptkeeper’s Haunted House’?

As a huge fan of the TV show Tales From The Crypt, I was pretty impressed to see the following that it gained and the promotional items and merchandise that it pumped out along the way.  Everything from pinball machines to pre-paid phone cards, The Cryptkeeper was doing business!

In addition to all of that, not only did the show have it’s own spin-off cartoon (Tales From The Cryptkeeper), but in 1996 there was actually a Saturday morning kid’s game show called Secrets Of The Cryptkeeper’s Haunted House.  I feel the title could have been a bit longer.  But anyway, yes – this terrible but entertaining show ran on CBS for only one season and actually did feature The Cryptkeeper (John Kassir).  It also featured a horrible CGI skull named “Digger”.  Pay close attention to how smug some of these kids are too. Click below now and watch all of the Saturday morning madness: