The Dirty Room Podcast: Zombie (1979)

We’re back again in The Dirty Room and ready to reminisce, talk shit, and gossip about oatmeal faced zombies and topless scuba divers this week.  Yep, we’re bringing you a discussion on Lucio Fulci’s 1979 cult classic, Zombie.  Or Zombi 2, Zombies, Zombie Island, Zombie Flesh-Eaters, and my personal favorite, Woodoo.  Oh Italian horror films….why do you have so many different names?  But anyway, take a listen and if you ever wanted to hear a 2 1/2 minute Zombie trailer in audio form, you’re in luck!  We poke fun at that, discuss the importance of a zombie fighting a shark, and talk about whether or not this is indeed Fulci’s crowning achievement.  So click HERE, HERE, or HERE to take a listen, and feel free to give us your take on it as well!

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The Dirty Room Podcast: The Burning (1981)

Want to hear three horror fans rip on a slasher film that some herald as being a disputable masterpiece?  Well here you go because we’re back at it again and welcome you to another podcast in The Dirty Room – our mad scientific creation between the Get Out The Room podcast and Dirty Horror.  Last week we dove into Re-Animator, and this week we dip our toe into the water that is the 1981 Tom Savini assisted, The Burning.  So click the link HERE and listen to us give our two cents about Cropsy and his melting face, Sally’s shower scene, the random big names in the movie, and whether or not this overhyped slasher needs a remake.  Serenity now!

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New Podcast: The Dirty Room

What do you get when you cross DirtyHorror.Com with the horror podcast Get Out The Room?  Don’t strain your brain too hard, it’s not that complicated. You get the new podcast dedicated to the cheesy/retro horror movies that we grew up on, The Dirty Room!  That’s right – we’ve joined forces and will be bringing you some insight and biased opinions on a different flick bi-weekly, and this week we start off strong with the classic Stuart Gordon horror/comedy, Re-Animator.

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Listen to it, play along at home, and feel free to write us some hate mail if you want.  But where can you hear it you ask?  Well you can go HERE and click play.  Simple right?  And while you’re over there, please take the time to listen to the guys over at Get Out The Room as they continuously bring you one of the best horror podcasts around.  Since we’re in the middle of this whole social media explosion too, feel free to “like” them on their Facebook page HERE. Ok, now stop reading and get to listening to the Re-Animator podcast! 

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