Horror What Ifs: The Exorcist Sitcom

Get ready to do a split pea soup spit take, it’s The Exorcist sitcom everybody! Well, sort of anyway.  Another installment of the Horror What Ifs asks, what if there really was an Exorcist sitcom?  Well, a group called the Film School Rejects have brought us closer to reality with a “fake” sitcom up on Youtube for the William Friedkin horror masterpiece.  With an accompanying laugh track and super cheesy 80’s theme music, this definitely was a good way to start off this Halloween weekend! Check it out below:

For me, and most other people from what I’ve read, the best part was how the music timed out during Regan’s spider crawl down the stairs.  Genius.  The 80’s commercials were a nice nostalgic touch, but overall it could have been trimmed just a little because the laugh track started to wear out it’s welcome. But, nonetheless, this is pretty much a stroke of horror and comedic genius and my hat’s off (even though I don’t wear hats), to all that were involved creating this.  I may never look at The Exorcist the same again!

*you can’t do that on television!*