Heads Up: Owen Wilson’s Beheading In ‘The Haunting’ (1999)

Nothing gets the week started like a good beheading clip from a horror movie. Lucky for you, I’ve got a doozy this time!  Bonus points that it involves Owen Wilson for all of you Owen Wilson haters out there.

I think my favorite part of that clip from The Haunting is Liam Neeson’s reaction after Owen Wilson gets his head lopped off.  Kind of hard to upstage a decapitation, but Liam Neeson almost does it.  By the way – that carpet ride that Owen took before his grisly demise looked fun!  Minus getting tossed like a rag doll and then losing a noggin from a giant stone lion sculpture of course. If you haven’t seen this movie (which is a remake of the original and superior 1963 version), then you’re not missing much and I pretty much just showed you the best part.  Your welcome.