That Time ‘The Offspring’ Made A Song About Beheading People…….

1998 brought forth the single most evil incarnation in the history of the world.  Yeah, move over Hitler – the song by The Offspring ‘Pretty Fly (For A White Guy)’ was released. Causing riots and villages to be burned, that particular song (and video) was way worse than Freddy Krueger fingernails on a chalkboard for me.  But hold on!  That festered sore of a song can quickly be forgiven if you listen to The Offspring’s 1989 song called ‘Beheaded’.

Here’s a quick sample of the lyrics:

Watch my girlfriend come to the door
Chop off her head, she falls to the floor
Watching my baby’s jugular flow
Really makes my motor go

Wrap a towel around the bloody stump
Take my baby’s body to the city dump
Then wipe the mess off the bloody axe
Scoop all the heads in my burlap sack

Alright!!  Now that’s The Offspring that we know and love.  Fun fact:  A version of ‘Beheaded’ was in the 1999 horror/comedy Idle Hands.  But anyway, this song puts a grin on my face.  Especially the “Night brings bad dreams/Bad dreams and guillotines” part.  Take a listen below and enjoy!