Anticipation Alert: The Purge (2013)

Ever wonder what the United States would be like if crime was at an all time low and the unemployment rate was at 1%?  Well, there would be one night out of the year where the public would be able to kill whoever they want and get all of that pent up anger and frustration out of their system of course! Welcome to The Purge, and no, it’s not a horror movie about a psychotic bulimic.  Sorry, that was in bad taste….and I’m sorry for that unintentional ‘bad taste’ pun.  But yes, The Purge is a new take on the over-saturated home invasion genre starring Ethan Hawke and the evil queen from Game Of Thrones, Lena Heady.  It revolves around a family on that one night of the year where all hell breaks loose, allowing an outsider into their home and then dealing with the consequences from random masked psychopaths.  But enough of my babbling – check out the trailer below if you haven’t seen it already:

Now I really shouldn’t be that excited for this movie since like I mentioned earlier, the home invasion genre is getting flooded as of late.  And since I’m slightly more interested in the upcoming and long delayed “similar” looking movie, You’re Next, I’m actually surprised that The Purge made the Anticipation Alert.  But it did, and I do think that it looks intriguing and well done.  Seems like a definite ‘turn your brain off and have a good time’ flick. Solid actors, creepy masks, and tense atmosphere usually make for a decent time (see The Strangers).  Curious to see what sets The Purge apart from the rest of the pack though, so stay tuned for more info and hopefully a review or two popping up.  The release date has been pushed back a week now to June 7th.

*insert finger snaps and West Side Story music*