Creepy Dolls On Seinfeld!

As big of a horror movie fan as I am, I might be an even bigger Seinfeld TV show fan.  And surprisingly, horror did play a part in some ways on the show!  Case in point:  Jerry kept a VHS copy of Child’s Play 2 in his living room.  But more importantly, there were two very creepy dolls that made an appearance throughout the show’s run.  First up – George’s girlfriend Susan’s doll that looked eerily and creepily similar to George’s Mom:


Gah!  Oh the horror!  Real-life George’s Mom was almost as terrifying, but that replica doll is the stuff that nightmares are made of.  Clearly in the episode, George wanted to get rid of it because it creeped him out so much too – but in the end it was George’s Dad who destroyed it and tore it apart with his bare hands.  20-something year old spoiler alert.  Sorry.  But anyway, she was terrifying – but there was another doll that was possibly even more terrifying and may or may not have had the ability to run.  And that doll would be the ever popular Mr. Marbles!


Now, even though Kramer had said that Mr. Marbles was harmless – it still had Jerry scared while he was living in Kramer’s apartment (aka The Red Menace).  Jerry even thought he heard Mr. Marbles scurrying across the floor in the middle of the night at one point.  The bottom line in all of this is that ventriloquist dummies and dolls that look like your mother are frightening.  The other bottom line is that Mr. Marbles is a great name.  Sweet dreams, everybody!