Dario Argento’s ‘Dracula 3D’ Really Looks Like It…….Sucks

Couldn’t resist the Dracula pun in the title of the post.  Oh Dario Argento.  You gave me a movie (Suspiria) that makes it into my ‘Top 10 Horror Movies Of All Time‘.  And then you gave me some other movies that weren’t quite top 10 material (Opera, Deep Red, Inferno).  The greats can always redeem themselves though, but it’s been a tough road to climb for you, especially after recent non-gems like Giallo and Mother Of Tears.  But I continue to hold out faith for you Dario, because I do think that you have it in you to give us one more film that can stand next to some of your earlier films on my DVD shelf. On the other hand, maybe not, that is if we’re strictly judging from this poster for your new movie, Dracula 3D:

Oh boy.  Well not to rain down on the parade more than I am, but if you think that’s bad, then come on inside out of the rain and take a look at these NSFW clips that just came out for this “movie”.    Continue reading