Go Grab This Waxwork Records Release Of ‘The Prowler’ Soundtrack On Vinyl!

Can you feel that in the air?  It’s love!  Because Valentine’s Day is only about a month away!  Yeah, yeah.  It’s a fake holiday.  But, why not cuddle up with that special someone this year and put the soundtrack from the 1981 slasher flick The Prowler on the ol’ turntable and wait for the magic to happen.  Oh you didn’t know??  Waxwork Records has released Richard Einhorn’s score to the beloved Tom Savini effects heavy film (some of his best work in my opinion) on double ‘army green/rose petal splatter‘ vinyl!


It’s glorious!  Oh, I forget to mention a very important tidbit:  The ridiculously good artwork was done by none other than Ghoulish Gary Pullin!  Also included is a printed insert featuring Rosemary’s break-up letter (the movie also goes by the title Rosemary’s Killer btw).  So, if you’re looking for a somewhat romantic gift (there are rose petals on the cover) for that horror-lover in your life……head on over to Waxwork Records HERE to pick it up!  Speaking of head, let’s enjoy this clip below for my favorite kill in The Prowler:

Sunday Bloody Sunday: ‘Head Explosion’ From ‘The Prowler’ (1981)

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, I figured I’d get the romance started with an exploding head from the 1981 splatterific slasher movie The Prowler.  Flowers and chocolates are pretty much overrated anyway, so exploding heads are the way to go nowadays.

Welcome to Sunday Bloody Sunday, where as I’ve already mentioned – I’m shining a spotlight onto an exploding head from The Prowler.  But who’s exploding head is it?  Well…..therein lies the rub.  It’s a scene from the end of the movie, so if you haven’t seen it – then this would be considered a big spoiler.  That being because the exploding head is that of the revealed killer!  Dun Dun Duhhhhhh.  Yeah, it’s kind of like a super graphic Scooby-Doo ending.  But anyway, click away below and you’re been warned if you haven’t seen the movie!  P.S. – Kudos to Tom Savini for the FX work.

Dirty Horror Memory Lane: Twisted Sister’s ‘Be Chrool To Your Scuel’ (1985)

If you read the title and thought that my ‘spell check’ went haywire, you would be mistaken.  As I like to do from time to time, I take a trip down memory lane which usually results in me being depressed about how old I’m getting.  But not today, because this memory makes me happy!  How could it not when it involves Twisted Sister, Alice Cooper, and Tom Savini?  Yes, I’m talking about the video for the song ‘Be Chrool To Your Scuel‘ off of Twisted Sister’s album ‘Come Out And Play‘.  And the obvious misspelling in the song’s title is an ode to the school system failing the students.

Ok.  Now that you’ve witnessed the it and let it sink in – here are my favorite moments of that glorious video:

  • Bobcat Goldthwait being Bobcat Goldthwait
  • Tom Savini turning into Alice Cooper
  • Zombie cheerleaders
  • Dee Snider’s hair
  • Flaming oven mitts
  • A zombie playing the saxophone

Apparently this video was banned from MTV because of the violence involved, and not necessarily the message that schools and teachers suck.  Gotta love that Tom Savini got to showcase his skills as a special effects artist, albeit on much more noticeable low-budget level.  It’s moments like this that I love the invention of Youtube.

Sunday Bloody Sunday: ‘Zombie Pie Fight’ From ‘Dawn Of The Dead’ (1978)

Every time I watch a new episode of The Walking Dead, I keep wondering when Rick and the crew are going to wise up and realize that whipped cream pies and seltzer water are the real weapons to use against zombies.  Swords and semi-automatic weapons are just for sissies.

On this week’s Sunday Bloody Sunday, I’m going back to a simpler time when zombies liked to hang out at shopping malls.  Yep, I’m talking about George Romero’s Dawn Of The Dead from the wonderful year of 1978.  Oh sure, it’s all fun and games at first for this biker gang led by make-up effects legend Tom Savini.  But these zombies can only take so many delicious sugary pies to the face before they make sure the bikers get their just desserts as well.  Bonus points there for my clever pun.  Enjoy the pre-biker gang slaughter below:

Ridiculous Horror Moments: Pie Faced Zombies!

Why are we worried about a future zombie apocalypse when all we need to do is shove some tasty pies in their face to stop them?  Yes……one of the most ridiculous and intentional “funny” moments ever in a horror movie has to be when Tom Savini and his biker gang thugs don’t feel any sense of danger from the zombies that are moping around the mall.

*isn’t it bad enough that JCPenny’s is closed?*

So, they run around messing with them and we wait for the Three Stooges to show up. At least they didn’t spray them with seltzer water – oh wait, they did. Do you think Zack Snyder is kicking himself for not including this in his remake?  You’re right – zombie baby was a much better addition.  Only question I have I guess is what kind of pies were they? Most likely banana cream or the delicious all whipped cream pie with no crust.  They could have at least given the zombies something good to taste, like blueberry or strawberry rhubarb.  So here’s to you George Romero, for injecting some delectable pies into your zombie movie and onto the zombies themselves!  Delicious!

*fuck my life*