News: New Evil Dead Remake Trailer! Oops…..It’s Fan Made, But Still Great!

So….April 12, 2013 is going to be a bittersweet date for me as a horror fan. It’s the day that the new Evil Dead remake comes out (dun dun duhhhhh!). The original 1981 Sam Raimi classic holds a special place in my horror heart because it was really the first horror movie that made me say “Holy Shit”, and because I was young, I wasn’t even supposed to be saying “Holy Shit”.  The tree raping scene, the pencil in the ankle, that annoying laughing chick, and of course Scott saying “Party Down!”.  The Evil Dead was and is the perfect low budget gorefest horror movie in my opinion, so the remake has some very big shoes to fill.

*what the mute button was invented for*

So while we wait in anticipation for more news and a real teaser/trailer for the remake (I’m digging the new logo and font that popped up at Comic-Con btw), a fan made trailer has popped up online and it deserves to be shared with you! Whoever put this together not only has a love for The Evil Dead, but also a love for the directing style of Sam Raimi and it really shows.  Add to that the fact that it’s even presented in the common “bootleg” style that we see nowadays before an official trailer hits online, and that just adds to the awesomeness!  So check it out below and stay tuned for more Evil Dead remake news as it comes in!

**EDIT**  Turns out this is footage spliced together from Finnish rock band Lordi’s video for “Blood Red Sandman”.  Sooooo – it’s not that original, and if anything, props should be given to Lordi for the initial concept for their video, but the fake trailer still has an impact and got some buzz throughout the horror world.