That Time Sonny Bono Turned Into A Bunch Of Plants (Troll – 1986)

I was racking my brain trying to come up with a good clip that freaked me out as a child that I could ‘Cher’ with you.  I thought about it long and hard, and then said to myself “Wait – I got you, babe!”  Yes, I came up with the perfect clip along with some terrible puns and references to Sonny Bono as well.  Because…..Sonny Bono is in the clip!  See how that all worked out?  And the traumatizing clip is from 1986’s Troll, a fun little horror romp not really for kids (although a lot of kids probably watched it).  Now let’s watch Sonny Bono morph into a bunch of plants!

I mean, the troll is kinda cute – even if he is kind of an asshole.  The make-up effects are pretty top notch (as were most in the 80’s), and if you’re into former husbands of Cher turning into shrubbery….then Troll is the movie for you!  Unfortunately for Troll, it would be it’s successor Troll 2 that would go on to live in infamy as the movie everyone would cheer for.  Any movie that has a seductive ‘corn-on-the-cob popcorn scene’ is sure to always win the prize.  But we shall never forget you, Sonny Bono.  You sacrificed yourself for the greater good of greenery.

Trailer For The Haunted House Doc ‘The American Scream’ Spooks Online!

If you grew up in a family oriented neighborhood, chances are more than one of those families would go that extra mile on Halloween and do more than just put a badly carved Jack-o’-lantern in their window and hand out pennies instead of candy. Animatronics, spooky music, fog machines, and maybe even a jump scare or two could all be in the mix.  Of course, if you lived in my neighborhood growing up, there was also the creepy old guy that would give us kids chocolate covered grasshoppers and throw apples with razor blades at us while we rode past his house.  Hmmm – thinking back now, our parents probably should have done something about him.

*what’s wrong? you don’t like my new Ben Gay cologne?*

But anyway, I’m talking about people who really do get into the Halloween spirit and turn their mortgage challenged houses into a personal haunted house for the entire neighborhood to enjoy!  And if you haven’t been lucky enough to experience that, then you’re in luck because a new documentary called The American Scream is about to be released and I’ve got the trailer right here for you:

On the nilbog heels of his first documentary Best Worst Movie, director (and original actor from Troll 2) Michael Stephenson is back with his second feature, bringing us the story of three families in a small Massachusetts town who do everything they can to celebrate and bring Halloween joy to the masses.  You can check out The American Scream on October 28th if you have the horror channel Chiller from your overpriced cable provider.  If not, check for it in limited theaters or wait for the DVD.  It looks like fun and is just in time for Halloween and those midnight candy corn cravings!

*did NOT graduate from the Tom Savini school of make up effects*