Trailer Alert: Under The Bed (2013)

It’s become obvious to me over the last few years, that the French can do more than just make good crepes and be snobby towards Americans.  They can pull of a solid horror movie too, as indicated by films like Inside, Martyrs, and Frontier(s).  Now comes their attempt at the classic children’s “there’s something hiding under my bed” tale, with the appropriately titled, Under The Bed.  Now, that will be the title of the American release.  The French are releasing the movie as Scary.  Well, it’s simple, but I guess it gets to the point. On second thought, it’s a pretty stupid title, but whatever the case – the trailer has popped up and it doesn’t look half bad.  There’s spooky fog, a monster, and more!  Check it out below:

Directed by Steven C. Miller, who gave us this past year’s Xmas horror offering, Silent Night, Under The Bed aka Scary tells the story of a family trying to bond together to fight the monster that has been terrorizing them for years.  Not quite sure how family friendly the movie will end up being, because the trailer is pretty intense.  But we can only hope that when it’s released here in the US this summer, it can measure up to Troma’s 1986 film, Monster In the Closet.  Remember that one?  Sure you do…..

*shut your pie hole*