Underappreciated Slashers: Girl House (2015)

Once in a while, a slasher film comes along that really gives me those funky 80’s slasher vibes.  What is the criteria for that, you ask?  Well…..hot girls, a lot of gore, and more hot girls!  Luckily we had a movie give us that criteria in 2015, but a lot of you may not have seen it.  It’s called Girl House.  And yes, it has girls in it.  See?


Oh sure, there are girls in Girl House.  And really hot ones if I’m being completely honest. But what I really dug about the movie is that it doesn’t skimp on the gore either.  Yes, it’s the typical ‘bullied kid grows up to get revenge and kill a bunch of people who bullied him‘ scenario, but Girl House is actually well done on a technical level.  The practical effects hit the mark, and our killer named Loverboy is unapologetically brutal and brooding – exactly what a slasher villain should be!  Any horror movie that isn’t afraid to be brutal to kids gets a ‘horror stamp of approval’ from me as well.  See Exhibit A below:

Mean spirited?  Yeah.  But effective from a horror standpoint.  I admire horror movies that come with fresh ideas and give us something that we haven’t seen before.  But I also admire the horror movies that pay homage to a time when VHS copies of movies like Girl House were flying off the shelf at your local Mom & Pop rental stores.  So seek out this underappreciated slasher if you can, especially if you’re into a lack of plot and lots of gore. Oh – and did I mention the hot girls?  Yeah – lots of hot girls.


Ebay Find Of The Week: ‘Popcorn’ Promotional Pin (1991)

Nothing gets me more excited than a promotional pin from an early 90’s horror movie.  I know, you might be thinking by that statement that I get easily excited – and you would be correct.  And luckily for me today, I came across a promotional pin on Ebay for one of the most underappreciated horror films of all time called Popcorn:


Oh it may be small, but it sure does the job!  Words that any man would never want to hear by the way.  But let’s get back to this fantastic promotional pin. For those who don’t know, Popcorn is a great old school horror movie that came out in 1991, was set in a movie theater and has one of the best taglines ever (Buy a bag….go home in a box.)  Long overdue to have a proper DVD/Blu-ray release, Popcorn is a definite guilty pleasure and at the time was a breath of fresh air in the horror movie world.  If you’re interested in snatching up this pin, head over to the Ebay listing HERE.  It’s cheap, so I suspect it won’t be there for long, especially since I might go buy it right now.  Now let’s start the petition to get Popcorn on Blu-ray already.

Underappreciated Horror Scenes : The Car Wash From ‘The Crazies’ (2010)

I have a confession.  When I was a kid, I used to get freaked out by car washes when my Dad would drive our family Plymouth Duster through them. Maybe it was the dark claustrophobic vibe.  Maybe it was the ugly car we were in.  But most likely, it was those creepy-ass drying tentacles that swayed back and forth ominously as you drove your car towards them.  So when I saw 2010’s apocalyptic virus flick, The Crazies, all of those nightmarish car wash memories came rushing back with a vengeance.

The Crazies overall is a much better remake and horror movie than it gets credit for.  And dare I say, that it easily improved on the original George Romero 1973 movie of the same name.  The 2010 version also had more than enough impressive set pieces (loved the pitchfork scene) with the ‘car wash setup’ definitely being the standout for me.

Not only is entire run through of the actual car wash tense and claustrophobic, we also get thrown a bit of a curve ball when Danielle Panabaker’s character gets her ass hanged at the end.  To add insult to her injury, the crew’s car gets blown up after getting out to check on her. Just remember though, not all car washes have to be creepy and dangerous.  Isn’t that right, guys from 1976’s Car Wash?