News: 80’s ZomCom ‘The Video Dead’ Finally Coming To DVD/Blu-Ray!

Thank you Scream Factory.  Thank you for bringing back another piece of my lame childhood!  First, news broke a few weeks ago that one of my cheesy horror favorites, TerrorVision, was finally coming to DVD.  Now my mind has been blown because it was just announced that Scream Factory is bringing you another one, with the 1987 cult classic The Video Dead!  I have fond memories of this one as I remember watching it numerous times on USA’s Up All Night.  That was a thing back in the 80’s/early 90’s if you don’t remember. As a young boy, I much preferred Rhonda Sheer and her big breasts over Gilbert Gottfried for obvious reasons.  But enough about my early puberty stages, let’s get back to The Video Dead!

*these new 3D televisions look amazing!*

This movie has it all:  Terror.  Intrigue.  Boobs.  Zombies With Irons Stuck In Their Head.  Comedy Hijinks.  A Bridezilla Zombie With A Chainsaw.  Horrible Acting.  And More Horrible Acting!    Continue reading