So…..Verne Troyer Is A Killer Garden Gnome

Move over Zombeavers….there’s a new unnecessary, but awesome, horror movie on the block.  I have to caution any of you though if you have Gnomophobia:  The paralyzing fear of garden gnomes.  A new horror/comedy called Gnome Alone…..yes, it’s called Gnome Alone… about to be unleashed on DVD and Digital HD on January 20th and it stars none other than Mini-Me himself, Verne Troyer as a wise-cracking killer garden gnome. 

Well I knew there would be bad puns galore here, but what I wasn’t expecting was to actually be creeped out by Verne Troyer as a garden gnome.  And apparently, creepy garden gnomes love to play tricks like putting chickens in your car.  You kooky gnomey bastards.  For those wondering, the plot for Gnome Alone revolves around a college student who is involved in a bad hit-and-run accident where the dying victim gives her…………oh who gives a shit. It’s a movie about a killer garden gnome.  That’s all that you really need to know.


Anticipation Alert: Tusk (2014)

How could you not be interested in a movie about a creepy guy who wants to turn a podcaster who comes to interview him into a walrus?  Unsurprisingly, writer/director Kevin Smith has admitted to coming up with the story to his upcoming movie, Tusk, while being stoned.  And now we luckily have a bat-shit crazy trailer to give a taste of what his weed-induced mind has conjured up:

Obviously more in the horror/comedy range than straight horror, Tusk looks like loads of fun.  Shades of The Human Centipede are evident, but what Kevin Smith has come up (at least from the trailer) looks like it will definitely be in it’s own lane.  I dig Justin Long, and seeing an older and more plump Hayley Joel Osment is a nice surprise – but it’s another name that is being associated with this movie that’s causing a bit of a stir.  Johnny Depp.  That’s right folks, Johnny Depp’s in a movie about a guy trying to turn another guy into a walrus. Hopefully that upped your anticipation a little more as it did for me.  Kevin Smith’s Tusk will be out on September 19th – stay tuned for more info and reviews rolling in soon!