In Case You Missed It: Sam Raimi’s ‘Within The Woods’

Now with all of the Evil Dead talking swirling around based off of the impressive red band trailers for the upcoming movie, I figured now would be as good of a time as any to revisit how the original Evil Dead was conceived. Back in 1978 (wow….I was only 2 years old), Sam Raimi along with his friends, including Bruce Campbell, decided to shoot an early version of the deadite classic and he called it Within The Woods.

*party down!*

Now I saw the 30 minute short a few years ago, but recently saw it pop back up online.  It’s constantly being taken down, so here’s your chance to see it if you never have.  Keep in mind – it’s over 30 years old and hasn’t been “remastered”, so the quality is lacking and the audio fluctuates, but who cares. What you have here is the blueprint to what I consider to be one of the greatest horror movies of all time.  Check it out and see what elements you can spot that Raimi actually ended up using in The Evil Dead.