Sunday Bloody Sunday: ‘Head On A Stick’ From ‘Wolf Creek’ (2005)

Crikey!  Go grab a Fosters beer and make friends with a kangaroo because this week on Sunday Bloody Sunday, we’re going down under and visiting 2005’s Wolf Creek.  But more importantly, we’re visiting the scene in the movie that sent shivers up my spine.  Sorry – bad choice of words considering the scene involves a poor girl who gets a big ol’ knife stuck into her spine courtesy of the one and only, Mick Taylor.

Wolf Creek is full of suspense and I honestly can’t wait for the upcoming sequel.  That suspense is ratcheted up in the scene featured this week where a girl named Liz is on the run from Mick (John Jarrett) and gets into a car to escape.  Only problem is, our killer Crocodile Dundee is hiding in the backseat and stabs her.  To add insult to the injury, a pleading Liz gets three of her fingers sliced off by Mick.  Oh, but Mickey Boy’s not done yet as he introduces her spine to his big knife as he sticks it in, then twists it, paralyzing her to the point where she now becomes a “Head On A Stick” as he calls it.  It’s nasty.  It’s mean.  And in a sick horror kind of way, it’s awesome.


*Well, how nice of you to compliment my flannel shirt!*


*I swear I didn’t forget to put the lid back on the toothpaste*


*Are you faking it again?*