Remember When This Happened?

Trick Or Treat Motherfucker!” forever earned it’s rightful place on the shelf of the greatest lines in cinematic history.  That might be a stretch.  At this point in the Halloween franchise though, things had already flown off the rails so why would it matter Busta Rhymes showed up trading lyrical and physical jabs with Michael Myers?  Well, it matters actually.  This was really the point in the franchise where there was no turning back in my opinion.

I’d much rather see a crazy madman come up with a plot to destroy the world by implanting computer chips into Halloween masks so that when kids put them on and sit in front of the TV on Halloween night, their heads explode and get eaten by bugs and snakes and things like that.  Much more believable than Bussa Buss electrocuting Michael Myers in the balls and saying “Burn Motherfucker Burn!“.  Congrats to you though Busta for breaking the stereotypes and surviving a horror movie.  Can’t say the same for you Tyra Banks.

*I have a surprise for you – I’m wearing scented lotion on my hands*