The Worst Opening Credits To A Horror Movie Ever: The Mutilator (1985)

I’m not even going to set this one up.  Just know that this is the actual opening credit sequence to the 1985 slasher movie, The Mutilator:

Yes, those were some saxophone riffs you were hearing towards the end there.  And yes, the title card from the movie really did have blood dripping from it while this shitty song started playing.  I remember seeing The Mutilator when I was younger and could never get past this theme song.  For those who care, the song is called “Fall Break”, and the movie was originally titled that, which makes more sense I guess.  Doesn’t excuse the fact that the song belongs in a National Lampoon’s Vacation movie or a bad 80’s sitcom.

It boasts that 80’s cheesiness and charm to it’s credit, and even though this movie is not a light hearted comedy as the song would suggest, I still have a soft spot for the opening credits (and closing ones) because it punctuates just how ridiculous the 80’s were.  Special shout out to the Senior Citizen Discount scene at the end by the way.  I cherish this movie so much that I’ll be doing more posts on it in the next few weeks, so stay tuned!  I suggest you groove to the sounds of “Fall Break” in the meantime……

*works better than NyQuil*