V/H/S Coming Out On VHS!

The nostalgic bones in my body were twitching when I heard the news that last years anthology horror film, V/H/S, is going to be released on actual VHS tapes here in the US!  Yes, it’s time for me to finally dust off my old VCR and clean the heads, because it looks like I’ll have something to play on it other than my old copy of Xtro.

Ahhh – the obvious dig at E.T. in the tagline.  Anyway, we’ll talk about Xtro another time.  As for V/H/S, it didn’t blow me away, but I’ve heard it’s better with a second viewing.  So what better way to have that second viewing, then on an actual VHS copy?  I can only hope that there will be the random lines running through the screen and I’ll pray that my VCR doesn’t eat it.  No word on a release date yet, but it is coming.  Check out the tattered up box art below!