Extra Cheese Please: Hell Of The Living Dead Trailer (1980)

It takes a lot to render me speechless.  Such was the case when I stumbled upon a trailer for the 1980 zombie flick, Hell Of The Living Dead.  And after viewing the trailer, I knew I had to see this amazing movie and all of the cheesy goodness it would provide.  And it delivered in all facets.  In a horrible movie kind of way of course.  And now my friends, my previous joy becomes your current joy as I present to you, the trailer for Hell Of The Living Dead:

I know what you’re thinking.  Where to even begin, right?  How about with the obvious Dawn Of The Dead knockoffs (the cop outfits, the Goblin synth soundalike music).  Then we’ll move along to the wonderful voice dubbing, especially the white guy voice they give the black guy at about 38 seconds in. Let’s jump over to the old lady having a cat come out of her stomach and then end our journey with some tribal boobs.  That was fun wasn’t it?  Best 3 minute and 50 second trailer I’ve ever seen.  And the good news gets gooder, because the whole movie is up on Youtube for a new generation to discover.

*Gene Wilder zombie!*

Oh – and how could I forget possibly one of the greatest characters to ever grace the horror screen.  Zantoro.  Sure, the bad dubbing makes it even better, but Zantoro should have definitely had his own spin-off movie.  Had he not turned into a zombie of course (spoiler alert).  He did kind of go out like a punk though. Made it a little too easy for those zombies.  I expected more out of you Zantoro.  Sigh.

*someone’s been flossing!*