Sunday Bloody Sunday: Throat Munching From ‘Zombie’ (1979)

Being that a podcast from The Dirty Room is on the horizon for the 1979 Lucio Fulci cult classic, Zombie, I figured that it was only fitting to include some pics from it in this week’s edition of Sunday Bloody Sunday.  No, don’t get your hopes up – there is no pic of the topless scuba diver or of a zombie fighting a shark.  It’s some good ol’ fashioned throat chomping performed by the iconic, worm-eyed zombie featured on the VHS/DVD cover.  And poor Susan gets the worst of it.  So enjoy the pics, remember the days before Youtube, and I’ll allow you to keep fantasizing about that topless scuba diver too.

*ok – you can stop now….the staring contest is over*


*he’s vision impaired but single, ladies!*


*when sticking your neck out for someone backfires*